(Kosta Boda) Bertil Vallien lattice blue spiral bubble bowl

Bertil Vallien, one of the truly groundbreaking figures in
Swedish glass art, was born in Stockholm in 1938. His
father was a master painter and pastor of an independent
church, his mother a housewife. Vallien was the second
of seven children. The gifted young man soon tired of
school and took a job as a decorator at PUB, one of the
Swedish capital’s largest department stores. Shortly
thereafter, though, he began studying art at Konstfack,
the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. He
graduated at the top of his class in 1961 and a grant
funded travels in the United States and Mexico between
1961 and 1963, giving him the freedom to achieve his
first success as a ceramist in California. Together with
his wife and fellow Konstfack graduate Ulrica Hydman-
Vallien, he then returned to Sweden and moved to the
glassmaking region of Småland. He had been recruited
by the legendary glasshouse director Erik Rosén. Vallien
immediately began to work in both glass and metal, and
soon began to experiment with glass-casting.

This is a beautiful lattice blue glass bowl .Within the glass are
evenly spaced black circles that spiral up from the bottom
of the bowl to the rim, and within each and every circle is
 a bubble. They each look like the eye of a peacock
feather. The bottom of the bowl merges seamlessly into
a clear glass foot.
On the bottom is inscribed:  Boda, B Vallien,  57537,
the second and third digit of the number indicating that
the bowl was designed in 1975.


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Artist : 
Bertil Vallien
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