Bernard Buffet Ile de St. Louis

Bernard Buffet  1929 - 1999
The French painter and graphic artist was born
in Paris on July 10, 1929. In 1944 he began to
study at the École des Beaux-Arts. In 1945 he
became a freelance artist and his first gallery exhibition
took place in 1947 but  was not considered a success.
In 1948 he receiveed the "Prix de la Critique" from
the Paris art critics which made him famous
and his works became highly sought-after.
The same year he was contracted by the Paris
gallery David et Garnier where he exhibited his
new works every year. His paintings often dealt
with one subject, such as views of certain cities,
flowers, ships, insects etc. In 1955 he made a
series of paintings on the "Terrors of War".
In 1957 he made the "Scenes of Paris" his
favorite subject and in 1958 he turned to "Joan of
Bernard Buffet joined the Paris artists group
"L' homme témoin" and developed his own
unmistakable Neo-Realist style that had a socio-
critical approach. Bernard Buffet's structured
works were dominated by dark lines, which gave
them a dramatic effect. In 1955 he was elected
the most important post-war artist by the art
magazine "Connaissance des Arts".
The numerous self-portraits played an important
role in his oeuvre. Besides paintings, Bernard
Buffet also made an extensive oeuvre of graphic
art and also large sculptures. In 1973 the
Bernard-Buffet-Museum was opened in
Surugadaira, Japan, by the collector Kiichiro
Okano, the museum was extended in 1988.
In 1971 Bernard Buffet was appointed a knight
of the honorary legion and was also called to
the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1974.
Bernard Buffet died in Tourtour 1999, committing
suicide as Parkinson disease had limited his
abilities so much that he was not able to paint.

This is a lithographic print published by
Alan Mazo & Co and printed by Mourlot in Paris
on Rives heavy duty paper. Signed in the plate
image size 445x535
Titled  Ile de St. Louis

New mount in old silver aluminium frame


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Artist : 
Bernard Buffet
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