Richard Blome map of the Bishoprick of Durham

Richard Blome (1635-1705) was an English publisher 
and cartographer. He flourished in the second half of 
the seventeenth century. Producing a great number of 
maps, but none were original, being often accused of 
plagiarism although usually he made no attempt to hide 
his sources. His maps however were attractive and 
quaintly designed, still retaining their nostalgic look. His 
series of county maps were combined in the Britannia, 
based on the latest editions John Speed’s, and publish-
ed in 1673 but was not a success. It was followed later 
by an issue of smaller maps entitled Speed's Maps 
Epitomiz'd. Most of his work was engraved by Wence-
slaus Hollar, Richard Palmer, or Francis Lamb, and 
embellished with dedications to county dignitaries which 
were added or omitted in later editions.
This is an original map of the Bishoprick of Durham from 
the 1673 Britannia Atlas (or A Geographical Description of 
the Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland) with two 
watermarks of the period, the IHS with cross above  and a 
fleur de lys with crown above listed as the marks of Claud 
de George at the Nersac paper mill near Angoulême in 
Angoumois, France. (Gravell Watermark Archive)
Image size 320x260mm Frame size 460x403mm 
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Artist : 
Richard Blome
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