John Stops 1972 monoprint Pembrokeshire Coast

Born in 1925, John Stops was an accomplished draughtsman,
and this (now rather rare) ability informed all of his work. He 
wrote in 2001 that he tried “… to allow the landscape itself to 
speak … undisrupted by personal spasms and stylistic itches 
which tend today to take over the image.”
Studied at Northampton Art School, 1947-51, Leeds College of Art, 
1951-52 and became a member of the Royal West of England 
Academy (RWA) in 1980  He taught at several institutions including 
Bedminster Down School where he was Head of Art from 1958 
to 1969, the College of St Mathias, Fishponds, where he was 
Head of Graphics and Painting from 1973 to 1979. 
From 1979 to 1981 he worked as a Senior Lecturer for the Faculty 
of Education at Bristol Polytechnic on the Adult Art Studies Course 
at Queens Road. From 1971 onwards he exhibited at all the RWA 
annual shows. He ran his own gallery near St Davids from 1967 to 
1989 where he exhibited his own work. In 1981 and 2001 he was 
one of a group of seven RWA members to exhibit at the RWA and
from 1984 to 2000 he was included in numerous group shows at 
Bristol's Guild Gallery, where he was the gallery organiser. His work 
was included in the 2000 Print Exhibition at the RWA and since 
1991 he had shown annually with the Bath Society of Artists. 
Commenting on what had influenced his work he included…. 
'I was trained in the figurative disciplines which I found absorbing 
and rewarding; anatomy, life drawing, figure composition and then 
history of art and architecture. I have no socio-philosophical cross 
to bear and no marginal analysis to expound and express. I wish 
to paint, as expertly and convincingly as my training and continuing 
involvement will allow, the subjects that appeal to me (landscapes, 
seascapes, townscapes and occasionally people) peculiarly lit, 
strangely juxtaposed and emotionally charged. I also produce 
linocuts, and own an 1861 Action Press. Different disciplines come
into play here and sometimes the results feed back into painting. 
Simplified composition and colour relationships for example.'
John Stops sadly died after a long illness in September 2002.
A delightful monoprint titled in pencil  ‘Pembrokeshire Coast’,
signed and dated 1972. 
Image size 505x330mm  Mounted 665x515mm
Price: £125.00
Artist : 
John Stops
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