Acis et Galathe etched by Comte de Caylus

Galathe/Galatea was one of the Nereides, fifty 
goddess-nymphs of the sea. Her name means 
"the goddess of calm seas" she frequented the 
coast of Sicily where she attracted the attention 
of the Cyclops Polyphemos. The giant wooed her 
with tunes from his rustic pipes, and offerings of 
cheese, milk, and wild fruit. The nymph, however, 
spurned his advances and consorted instead with 
a handsome Sicillian youth named Acis/Akis. 
When Polyphemos learned of this, he fell into a 
jealous rage and crushed the boy beneath a rock. 
Galatea was grief-stricken and transformed Acis 
into a stream. George Frideric Handel composed
a one-act masque, by the same title, which pre-
miered in 1718 with an English text by John Gay.
This picture and its pair, La Chasse aux Oiseaux, 
were etched by the Comte de Caylus cica 1725,
(after a now lost painting by Antoine Watteau,)
They were subsequently finished with a burin 
by François Joullain
plate size 378x218mm, mounted, 
trimmed to just outside plate mark.
Price: £45.00
Artist : 
Comte de Caylus
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