'Wallis' News Review magazine December 10 1936 Vol II No48

In February 1936, two news weeklies hit the news-stands: 
News Review and Cavalcade. An article in US news weekly 
Time ('British Newsmagazines', 24 Feb, 1936) covered the 
rivalry between the two. Cosmopolitan Press published the 
former from Fetter Lane in 'a grubby little building called 
Cosmopolitan House'. Time's reporter interviewed Tibor 
Korda, a 30-year-old Hungarian at News Review: 'Since 
Time . . . first made its appearance, the question has been 
asked frequently - who will produce a similar publication in 
England?' Then:
'In January Alan R. Cameron, one of his Cosmopolitan 
editors, left him. Next thing he knew, said Mr Korda, 
Cameron was about to put out a Time imitation himself. 
By rushing News Review into print in 24 hours, Mr Korda 
and his hard-working Cosmopolitan staff established its 
right to the title of "Britain's First Weekly News-Magazine."'
News Review was later taken over by Odhams and was 
based at 198 High Holborn. It lasted until at least 1950.
This issue is a fascinating glimpse at the moment the 
British press opened the flood gates and published what 
the rest of the World press had been publishing for months.
15 pages of comments and accounts from all sides of the
affair surrounding Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.
In good condition though with slight edge wear and tears
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Cosmopolitan Press
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