Richard Walker mixed media plastic screen collage Cinema X 1977

RICHARD WALKER  born Yorkshire 1954. A successful British
artist who studied Graphic Arts at Camberwell School of Art and 
Printmaking at Chelsea School of Art. His studies were completed in 
1977, the punk era, a radical influence still present in his work today.
Working with acrylics, pastels and spray paint, his love of architecture
led him to specialise in cityscapes, embracing the neon lights and 
electrified night skies particularly of New York City...... 
“... a template, a muse, an attitude.. The big in the city 
of shows...Steam rising from under the streets...Culture/subcultures... 
Sketchbooks as diaries...Postcards as reference...Photo-booth 
babies...Be-my-Xerox...Life after Rauschenberg...The blink of the 
camera...The zoom of the super 8...The silver ghost of Warhol riding 
on a sea of white noise...Laurie Anderson talking very slowly...Philip 
Glass playing very fast...Brian Eno embracing silence...”
(Extract from his ‘Getting on’ profile)
"In my work, I try to communicate not only the positive energies and
excitement of city life, but also, the underlying dangers and feeling 
of unease that are also present." Richard Walker. 
More recently and post-September 11 2001, he has introduced more 
pastoral/mythological elements to his work.
Richard Walker has had regular gallery shows at Minsky's Gallery, 
Thumb Gallery, Jill George Gallery, New Academy Gallery, Curwen 
Gallery, London; Madison Galleries, Los Angeles, Galerie Meissner, 
Hamburg, and is in many collections around the world.
An early mixed media with plastic screen collage titled
Cinema X
Signed and dated 1977 in pencil
Image size 471x310mm   Frame with mount size 635x508mm
Price: £385.00
Artist : 
Richard Walker
SKU: N09686