Alex Portner painting


Alex Portner Artist. Born 1920 in Berlin, Germany,
of Polish-Russian parents. He studied art in Berlin,
greatly influenced by the likes of Otto Dix, George 
Grosz, Otto Nagel and Rudolf Schlichter, members
of the artist’s association Rote Gruppe (Red Group)
during the social political turmoil in 1930’s Germany.
He continued his studies in Amsterdam and Paris
but fled to Britain in 1939 serving in the British army
through World War II. After the war he began to exhibit 
extensively, both in mixed shows including the Royal
Academy, the Royal Institute of Painters and at the
Wildenstein’s Gallery as well as one-man exhibitions 
at the Walton Gallery, New Art Gallery, Petit Gallery,
and Madden Gallery. He later had shows in South 
Africa and in the USA including Palm Beach and 
the Selected Artists Gallery in Madison Avenue NY.
He experimented with LSD in the 1960s while his
paintings went through various developments in 
styles though the human situation remained central.
He acknowledged that he accidentally discovered,
what he came to refer to as, Organic Wood Painting,
whilst cleaning spilt paint off a wooden floor. It was
painting over wood but allowing the grain texture and
patterns to be part of the design. He deemed himself
to be the originator of the technic and stamped his work
accordingly. He became a popular portrait painter in the 
later 60s, and include such celebrities as Sidney James,
Hattie Jaques, and Margaret Rutherford as well as the 
London Socialite Lily Sigall amongst his sitters.
This is an oil painting harking back to the Berlin styles 
of the 1930s and is titled
‘Un Client de Province II’  circa early 1960s 
with his carved initials lower corner and 
his stamped name and his label of authorization 
as an organic wood painting and collage on the back.
Painted on board upon a larger surrounding board 
both edged with heavy brass strips.
Actual painting size 440x526mm  Frame 515x616mm
Price: £355.00
Artist : 
Alex Portner
SKU: N09537