Hans Feibusch 1944 lithograph.

Hans Feibusch 1898 -1998
Born in Frankfurt, Germany. Studied art in
Germany, France and Italy for six years from
1919 and exhibited widely on the continent.
His work was later banned and destroyed
by the Nazis so he moved to London
in 1933. In England Feibusch showed
extensively at Lefevre Gallery,  from the
late 1930's, also RA and RHA plus Cooling,
Leicester and Redfern Galleries. The
Victoria & Albert Museum and Leeds
City Art Gallery hold his work.
Many of his most important commissions
were murals for the church.
He continued working right up to his
death at the age of almost 100.
There was a retrospective exhibition at
Pallant House Gallery, Chichester 1995.
They also hold a large collection of
his work.

Subtle coloured lithographic print of
The two Marys with Joseph of
Arimathaea anointing and wrapping
Christ’s body in linen for burial.
Signed in pencil  H. Feibusch
and dated 1944 lower right

Mount 652x413mm, window 496x251mm

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Artist : 
Hans Feibusch
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