James Ward 'The Clean Face Rewarded' 1801 mezzotint

James Ward RA 1769–1859  was a
painter, particularly of animals, and
an engraver. Born in London, and
younger brother of William Ward the
engraver. His favourite sister Anne
married the artist George Morland
who was an early influence on him.
He set up Mess.rs Ward & Co
with his brother and a financial
backer Dr. Daw in 1798 in order to
establish himself as a painter while
still engraving. The company lasted five
years during which time this mezzotint
was produced in 1801. It is titled
‘The Clean Face Rewarded’   
for which James used Anne Morland
as the model for the seated mother.
It was the companion piece to
‘The Mother’s Bribe’
(or ‘The temptation to be washed’)
It has been trimmed to the image though
a single line of text remains reading
‘Painted and Engraved by Ja(me)s Ward
Painter and Engraver to
HRH The Prince of Wales’.
A hand coloured mezzotint
image size 560x455mm
A minor tear to top edge

Mounted and framed 700x558mm

Price: £225.00
Artist : 
James Ward RA
SKU: N09257